Prepping for Trauma

NorthBay Debuts New Service

Twenty years ago, NorthBay Medical Center was the defacto trauma center for Northern Solano County. Back then, physicians were required to handle emergency calls 24/7, in addition to their regular practices. It just went with the territory.


Life in the Emergency Department

It’s 6:45 p.m. on a warm Fairfield evening… The retractable doors to the ambulance bay slide open and an unresponsive “Code 3” patient is rushed into the NorthBay Medical Center Emergency Department. Within seconds, the patient—a heavy-set man in his 60s—is surrounded by a team of caregivers working feverishly to save his life.

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Care in the Air

Five minutes. From the warning bell in crew’s quarters to lift-off from the tarmac, that’s all the CALSTAR flight crew has. Even if they have been jarred from a deep sleep, the pilot and two flight nurses are up, dressed and flying off in five minutes or less.

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Morgan’s Gift

It was the last day of their vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and Morgan Gallegos couldn’t wait to get on the water. The adventurous 14-year-old was eager to try all things fast: roller coasters, motorcycles (Mom always said no) and even zip lines.

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Return to Tranquility

Spread over 5 acres amid a stretch of fertile farmland just outside the Central Valley city of Ceres is the Wat Lo Buddhist temple and monastery. There’s no place in the world where 74-year-old Laotian immigrant Khamphanh Nettavong feels more at ease.

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Patient Beats the Odds

That Richard Kean is alive is nothing short of a miracle. So says his wife, Laura, one of his doctors and a host of medical workers who responded after his wife dialed 9-1-1 on June 21, 2011.

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