A Neurosurgeon’s Arsenal

If you read through the list of equipment, you might think it’s a classified military document. There’s the Stealth Navigator and the O-Arm. You’d have to be a brain surgeon to understand it.

Watch Dr. Jeffrey Dembner discussing concussions

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Keeping Seizures at Bay

Although it has been 14 years since her first epileptic seizure, Pat Scholl can recall the moments leading up to it in vivid detail, as if it happened just moments ago.


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Decision Time for Trauma

The advent of the Center for Neuroscience completes the creation of all advanced medical services necessary to elevate NorthBay Medical Center to a Level II trauma center in October.


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Grateful: From the Bottom of His Mended Heart

Tim Woodson of Fairfield was Christmas shopping at the mall on Dec. 22, 2012, when he began to feel nauseous and his upper body started to cramp. He put away his wallet and went home, thinking he just needed to stretch out because of his rigorous session at the gym that morning.

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Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Six months ago, Rick Hovey would never think of walking to the post office. Or the grocery store. Or anywhere, for that matter. That was before the Dixon resident took NorthBay Healthcare’s seven-week Journey to Health course and changed his life forever.

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Amazing Adventures in Nurse Camp

NorthBay Healthcare marked the ninth year of its wildly popular Nurse Camp with 33 high school students from across Solano County participating in the four-day event in late June.

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