Not Your Average Joe

The way Joe Murdaca figures it, he was clinically dead for about 48 seconds. It was Oct. 10, 2013, and he was driving back from his restaurant, Pietro’s No. 1, in downtown Vacaville. He was just back from a vacation and should have been relaxed, but instead wasn’t feeling well.

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Minutes Matter...

Wayne Senalik was feeling fit and relaxed on a balmy Sunday in May. He and his wife, Scottie, were looking forward to a family gathering at their daughter Ryan’s house


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Orlando’s Journey

With dreams of becoming a director someday, 20-year-old cinematography student Orlando Torres was much more comfortable behind the camera, until a dramatic diagnosis compelled him to step into the spotlight.


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Making Her Whole Again

Janet Fowler went 12 years without a mammogram. She was busy keeping a roof over her family’s heads and being a caregiver for others, including her boy-friend who had liver cancer. But she knew she was taking a chance with her health.

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Steps to Success

Who says you’re supposed to slow down as you hit your silver years? Not Ennio DePianto. A lifelong runner, the 75-year-old also loves to play golf, dance, travel and ski. He exercises regularly and keeps himself busy maintaining more than 700 olive trees…

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Her Cause is HER Cause

For five years, Mercille Locke, R.N., has been a champion for diabetes education and awareness. But on Oct. 11, 2013, everything changed when she learned that her cause is indeed her cause.

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