Minutes Matter When It's a Heart Attack

Mark Hanneman was sheering sheep with his grandson, Zac Correia, when the chest pain started. It was a hot and dusty day in June 2014 and as they wrestled with the sheep he thought the pain meant he was becoming dehydrated.

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Jacks of All Trades Keep Hospitals Humming

To be an engineer at NorthBay Healthcare, you have to be a jack of all trades, capable of performing rigorous maintenance routines on million-dollar machinery and fixing equipment you never knew existed.

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Recipe for Success

It’s 5:30 a.m., and the sun is barely up, but Nutrition Services employees are already clocking in. Their day's hectic but choreographed pace gets under way...


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Partnering with Patients

Chest pains awoke James Alvarez, 82, in the middle of the night, but the Rio Vista resident tried to brush them off. His wife, Jeri, knew this was nothing to mess around with, as he had had a heart attack 20 years before.

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Test of Time

Teri Russell can make time fly for her diagnostic imaging patients, thanks to the incredible leaps in technology she has witnessed during her 33-year career operating NorthBay Medical Center's CT Scanner. Today, a test that took almost an hour in 1982 can take less than 6 seconds in the hospital’s state-of-the-art CT Scanner.

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After Hours

Isabelle Rodriguez, 10, had been feeling lousy for days. Chills. Headache. And a fever that wouldn’t stop climbing. Her parents alternated aspirin and ibuprofen so her temperature would drop—for a bit.

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