Porsha’s Blessing

Trauma Team Delivers Dramatic Rescue

It should have been one of the happiest days of Porsha Jenkins’ life. The 27-year-old mother of two reported to NorthBay Medical Center for a Caesarean section, her third “birth by appointment.” And for once, all the planets seemed aligned, according to her husband, Elvin.


Playground Fall Fractures Femur

It looked like an acrobatic stunt went awry. Kelan Metzler-Pell, 5, was running on the playground at his Walnut Grove pre-kindergarten when he took a tumble and landed doing the splits.


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Concussion Sidelines Young Soccer Player

Forward McKenna Sacca, 11, was lunging for a soccer ball during an indoor match in Vacaville with her team, Hysteria, when she fell head-first into the Plexiglas wall surrounding the field.


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When to Take Your Baby to the Hospital

Babies cry, gurgle and cough as a regular part of their growth and development. Parents soon learn what is normal and when they need to consult their pediatrician.


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Tips to Prevent Childhood Injuries

Every four seconds, a child is treated for an injury in an emergency department, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Boys are more frequently injured than girls by a margin of 2 to 1…

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Diabetic Emergency

Busy, active children are naturally thirsty, but if you notice your child is consuming lots of liquids, making frequent trips to the bathroom and still complaining of thirst, take note, says Michael Ginsberg, M.D., pediatrician with NorthBay Center for Primary Care in Fairfield.

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ABC Lifts Mom in Need

By her own account, Alexandra O’Neal, 26, had everything going for her. A child of well-to-do parents, she was a student at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. But, one year ago, she had dropped out of college, was homeless, in jail, and estranged from her family.

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