World Class Care Close to Home

The challenge? Connect the best medical minds—those at NorthBay Healthcare and those at world-renowned Mayo Clinic—to provide the best possible treatment for patients...


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The Power of Preventive Tests

Beverly Campbell had no sign or a single symptom to indicate a cancer was developing within her left breast. "I had no lumps, no bumps, nothing. And, no family history, either,"...


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A Soothing Presence In Life's Final Moments

If a group of employees has their way, no one will ever die alone in NorthBay Healthcare hospitals. Currently 22 employees, whose jobs range from nursing to finance, are volunteers...


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Special Delivery

As the pharmacist in charge of the night shift at NorthBay Medical Center, she needed to get some medication to NorthBay VacaValley Hospital as soon as possible.


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Teamwork Helps Alzheimer's Patient Stay Connected

When George Cardinet of Winters realized his wife, Claudia, was slipping into the shadows of Alzheimer’s disease, he vowed to do whatever he could to keep his partner of 58 years...


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True Champion Lends His Paw for Healing

Anyone who has loved and been loved by a dog has found his champion. That’s why patients confined to a hospital bed, away from family and pets, have nothing but smiles after a visit from a Paws for Healing therapy dog.

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Uncle LeonR : That's my niece telling it like it is in the real world of NURSING. Sooooooo...

Tracy B : Thanks for sharing your story Mercille. This article makes me proud to be your...

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Kim Bledsoe : As a patient of Dr. Long, I can attest to his compassion, concern and gentleness...

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