Good Health is
a Blessing at Any Age

Whether you’re 3 or 86, good health is a valuable commodity. Just ask the patients you’ll find on the pages in this edition of Wellspring, which puts the focus on living well at any age.


Yoga Key to Her Flexibility

For years, Dr. Stephen Newman had been hounding Jane Garcia to give yoga a try. A yoga enthusiast himself, he knew it could offer his patient more flexibility and mobility as she aged. But it wasn’t until her daughter Terri accompanied her to a doctor’s appointment that Jane finally got the extra push she needed.

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Off the Disabled List, Back on the Court

It was the third quarter on a Tuesday night—Dec. 22, 2009—and Dixon High shooting guard Ennis Sandle remembers making a bad pass, swatting it out of a Vacaville High player’s hands, and then falling..

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Rehab Becomes Regime

George Mary entered NorthBay Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program following heart surgery. That was nine years ago, and he’s never left. Today he’s fitter than ever.

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Rocky the Recovery Dog, Doctor Team Up, Save the Day

Vacaville resident Peter Loos, 67, credits his vascular surgeon for saving his life, and a little dog named Rocky for helping him heal so quickly. Peter was battling cancer of the tongue when it was discovered that he had an abdominal aneurysm that presented a unique set of problems.

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Friendship After Loss

When Anne Donato lost her husband, Ruben, to a fast-moving cancer four years ago, she was overwhelmed with grief. “It was rough in the beginning,” says the 69-year-old Fairfield resident. “We were looking forward to traveling when I retired, but he just didn’t make it. I didn’t know where to turn, what to do, where to go.”

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Picture Perfect Weight Loss...

For some, a picture is worth 1,000 words. For Bill Abeling, 51, of Vacaville, one photo is worth 100 pounds—the weight loss goal he set after seeing himself on the cover of Wellspring last summer.

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