Functional Nutrition Can Transform Your Health

Throughout history, food has either been hailed for its health benefits or ignored altogether. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” was taught by Hippocrates, a Greek physician born in 460 BC.

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Emotional Eating

Food is not only necessary for your physical survival, food “feeds” you at an emotional level, too. Think about it. When you were an infant, one of the primary ways your caregiver soothed you when you were upset was to nourish and nurture you with food!

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Eating Fresh, Eating Local

If you’re on a quest to eat fresh, you live in the right place. From apricots to zucchini, dairy to nuts, just about everything is grown right here in Solano County. Well, almost everything…


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Food or Foe?

You knew drinking too much coffee could be problematic, but did you realize that mixed with certain medication it becomes downright dangerous? Chocolate, cheese and yes, coffee, don’t mix well with some antibiotics…

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Breastfeeding Moms Need a Healthy Diet

NorthBay Medical Center’s status as a Baby-Friendly hospital means that a mother’s right to breastfeed is not only supported, it’s encouraged. That means all staff in Women’s and Children’s Services are available to answer questions and provide materials…

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Battling Bacteria

In the battle against bacteria, Nutrition Services Director Kathleen Shafer and her army of dietitians, cooks and food service workers at NorthBay Healthcare stand ever vigilant, washing hands, keeping surfaces clean and checking food temperatures.

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