Hands on Approach to Pain

Dr. Lim Offers OMT Specialty

With a great demand for osteopathic manipulative treatment or OMT in Solano County, Angela Lim, D.O., has happily accepted a new assignment within NorthBay Healthcare allowing her to focus on her specialty. OMT is a hands-on approach to pain, which takes a patient’s musculo-skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system into account.

Previously, Dr. Lim was juggling a dual practice, focused on both family medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine. And while she enjoyed the family medicine practice, her passion is with OMT. “I have received so many OMT referrals and a number of self-referrals from people in the community who have been told by friends or family who saw one of my lectures. From this alone, my practice is filling with OMT patients,” she said.

“The uniqueness of what she does in OMT and the success of her therapy has been such that the demand has grown faster than we ever expected,” said Margy Walbolt, vice president of administrative services for NorthBay Healthcare.

Dr. Lim’s patients have been referred to Jim Wu, M.D., Alfredo Ovalle, M.D., and Pediatrician Judy Yang, D.O., who all work out of the VacaValley Health Plaza Center for Primary Care in Vacaville.

“I see a lot of people with headaches, back pain and neck pain,” says Dr. Lim. “I’d like to see more pregnant women who have back pain as well as infants who have difficulty feeding, torticollis, reflux, or misshapen heads. What I do with my hands is good for a lot of conditions and not just pain.”

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