Getting Past
Aches & Agony

Comfort and Care When You Need it Most

With compassionate care, NorthBay Healthcare’s team of experts seeks to ease pain in the lives of all our patients, addressing everything from headaches to foot pain, and all problems in between.


Local Chest Pain Center Offers Quick Diagnosis & Treatment

The rule is simple: if you have chest pain, call 9-1-1. Don’t wait. Don’t be embarrassed. Because when it comes to saving your heart, doctors have a saying: “Time is Muscle.” The faster you get help, the more of your heart muscle can be saved. Chest pain comes in many varieties, from a vague discomfort…
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The Ache of Arthritis

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis (OA), you’re familiar with the pain. It can ache deep in the joint or radiate down your leg. It’s a pain that feels better with rest and a pain that gets worse throughout the day. Arthritis basically means inflammation of a joint. OA is characterized by a gradual loss…
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Top 10 Reasons for Foot Pain

Dr. Kevin Miller examines the foot of Fairfield patient Emilion LeGaspi. An old proverb states,“No hoof, no horse.” And as anyone with foot pain knows, that statement applies to both man and beast. An aching foot takes the pleasure out of most daily activities. Studies show that three out of four Americans will have a…
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A Tale of Two Patients and One Diagnosis

Peripheral Arterial Disease occurs when blood flow is cut off or limited to the foot and leg, and results in terrible pain. They’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. Bill Ivins, 71, of Vacaville, is diabetic with failing kidneys and a history of heart disease in his family. Ashley Marques, 23, is athletic and active…
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When It’s All in Your Head

That throbbing pain in your head can have many causes, says Shahid Rehman, M.D., a neurologist with the Center for Specialty Care, a NorthBay affiliate. “Most often, headaches are a benign condition, especially when they are chronic and recurrent. But, a new, severe headache may be the earliest sign of a serious neurological disease and…
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