Norman's Journey

His triple bypass was just the beginning

When it comes to matters of the heart, everyone's experience is different. Some stroll into the Emergency Department with "a little indigestion" and shortness of breath, while others are rushed in on a gurney suffering cardiac arrest.

In some cases, a simple stress test can start the journey, which could lead to an interventional procedure or open heart surgery. Response and treatments are as diverse as the patients themselves.

Caring at critical moments in the ICU

The first hours after a cardiac event are a critical time in a patient’s path to recovery, and especially so during the first 24 hours following cardiac surgery. Helping to shepherd patients along at this time is Jamie Chohon, acute care nurse practitioner. Patients come under Chohon’s supervision when they arrive in the ICU, either…
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When Muscle Matters

NorthBay Cardiac Rehabilitation is a nationally certified program located inside NorthBay Medical Center. The staff works directly with the cardiology team to provide care for patients once they are discharged from the hospital. Patients entering the cardiac rehabilitation program are ready to learn and put into practice the tools they’ll need to live successfully with…
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Surgical Team focuses on Heart of the Matter

NorthBay Medical Center’s unique situation and location will make it one of the most sought-after heart programs in Northern California, says Dr. Ramzi Deeik, director of Cardiac Surgery Clinical Outcomes at the NorthBay Heart & Vascular Center. The cardiothoracic surgeon has been with the program since its planning stages. “We have the experience, the infrastructure,…
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If it’s an Emergency, We’re Here to Help

Patients entering the Emergency Department with chest pain are immediately placed in a protocol that will quickly identify if a patient is having a heart attack. The first step is giving the patient an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), a diagnostic tool that measures and records the electrical activity of the heart. The standard test is…
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It’s His Special-TEE

Previous technology only provided doctors with a two-dimensional view of the heart. The latest technology allows doctors a 4-D experience—which Dr. Filip Roos describes as 3-D in motion—a highly detailed, moving image of a heart as it beats. It gives doctors the ability to diagnose valve disorders and other issues earlier than ever before. The…
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