A Giant Dose of Hope

Charles Sonu, M.D., helps Willie McCovey get back on his feet.

When the San Francisco Giants and their delirious fans finally tasted World Series glory for the first time in 52 years, Willie McCovey wasn’t about to miss out on all the fun.

Against the odds, the Giants’ legend was on the field at AT&T Park for a first-pitch ceremony to christen the series. And after his former team vanquished the Texas Rangers in five breathtaking games, he joined a raucous victory parade in the streets of San Francisco.


Four Knees and a Friendship

Marlene Alonzo of Dixon and Yates Kendrick of Rio Vista got more than new knees from the NorthBay Joint Replacement Program last year. As they supported and cheered for each other after surgery, they and their families became fast friends. Both patients credit orthopedic surgeon Robert Peterson, M.D., for their successful knee surgeries, and the…
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Oh, the Stories NICU Parents Can Tell…

NorthBay Shares the Best Tales of Babies’ First Days Last summer, to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of NorthBay Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), parents were asked to share their birth stories. All 17 stories can be read here. Twins Arrive Early and Need Special Care Susan Cahoon and her husband were living…
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Better Salute This GI Jane

As if launching the NorthBay Center for Women’s Health in 2010 wasn’t enough, Service Line Director Jane Prather started 2011 with a new task: She’s now leading the Medical Task Force East—in Afghanistan. Col. Prather—as she’s known in her U.S. Army role— has embarked on a year-long mission, in which she’ll oversee health care for…
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For the Love of Maggy

NorthBay Guild Volunteer Raises Money for Kenyan Girl’s Surgery If Shahane Everett has her way, a 5-year-old girl in Kenya is going to have surgery very soon. Shahane, a NorthBay Guild volunteer and 19-year-old Vacaville High School graduate, managed to raise nearly $1,000 last year, after meeting Maggy and her mother, Leah, during a summer…
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Chemo Kid’s Dream Comes True

Giovanni “Gino” Goodman (center) pauses to pose with his father, Guglielmo, and his best friend, Mario Cortez, before boarding a plane to Oregon. Editor’s Note: Giovanni “Gino” Goodman passed away on Dec. 30, 2010, at his home. Here is the story of the fulfillment of his dream, just weeks before his death. On Dec. 4,…
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