J is for Joint Replacement

Hips & Knees Don’t Have to Hurt

When your knee or hip pain can no longer be controlled and your quality of life is suffering, joint replacement surgery is an option to consider. The surgery can improve your mobility and relieve your pain.

The NorthBay Joint Replacement Program at VacaValley Hospital offers hip and knee replacement surgery with a two- to three-day hospital stay. The joint replacement experts have carefully planned every step of the patient’s care to promote a successful and speedy journey to recovery.

The first day is surgery and the following days focus on getting the patient up and walking. A friend or family member serves as “coach” to help the patient and to learn about post-surgical care. When the patient goes home, he or she is visited by a home health nurse who helps with rehabilitation exercises until the patient is ready to attend outpatient rehabilitation.

Partial knee replacement, designed for patients with limited knee arthritis, is also offered. This conservative procedure is less invasive than traditional knee replacement surgery and is an outpatient procedure.

For a list of surgeons participating in the program, or more information about the NorthBay Joint Replacement Program, call Cynthia Giaquinto, R.N., manager of the Joint Replacement Program, at (707) 624-7600.

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