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When It Comes to Parenthood,
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Little KatelynAnne Shipley’s swift arrival may have surprised her mother, Jamie, but NorthBay Medical Center’s Mother-Baby team, including Lactation Support Specialist Christi Tenret, are at the ready 24/7.

Every time a baby is born at NorthBay Medical Center, the “Happy Birthday” melody is played through the hospital’s public address system, and that tune is heard about 1,350 times a year, according to Katie Lydon, director of Women and Children’s Services. “While there are no speakers in the patient rooms, we often hear the waiting room erupt in excitement when they know the ‘Happy Birthday’ song is for their baby,” she said.

Hearing that happy tune is one of many memorable moments the entire NorthBay Mother-Baby team strives to celebrate with their families, Katie said. “We realize that we in Labor & Delivery have the ability to make memories for our patients. We don’t just punch a clock and come to work, we are creating families!”

Expectant mothers can expect to receive the highest level of care at Fairfield hospital. Board-certified OB/GYNs are in the hospital around-the-clock, available to support a baby’s delivery no matter the time of day.

That turned out to be good news for David and Jamie Shipley of Suisun City, whose little girl, KatelynAnne, surprised her parents by deciding to arrive several weeks early. “It was a typical Saturday; we were just doing housework and yard work when my wife said her water broke,” said David. By the time they presented at NorthBay Medical Center’s Emergency Department, Jamie was bleeding from a torn placenta. She was whisked up to the Labor & Delivery operating room, and KatelynAnne was delivered by emergency cesarean, just 8 minutes later.

“Oh my goodness, we could not have had a better experience here,” David said. “The whole team worked together so calmly. That group of nurses did a fantastic job.”

“I wasn’t even aware of the gravity of the situation until the next day,” Jamie said. “The nurses were so calm, I had no clue.”

And if any newborn needs extra support, as Katelyn-Anne did, NorthBay Medical Center is also home to a Level III Community Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), staffed with a skilled NICU team and board-certified neonatologists.

“KatelynAnne was only in the NICU for about an hour,” David said. “I think that’s because the nurses were so quick, so professional.”

About 180 babies a year will spend some time in the NICU, Katie noted.

New moms are encouraged to spend at least a full hour of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth to initiate breastfeeding and bonding.

NorthBay Medical Center was the first hospital in Solano County to earn the Baby-Friendly designation in 2014. It achieved the distinction because its Mother-Baby staff has undergone special training to educate and support new mothers in their breastfeeding experiences. Here, new moms are encouraged to spend at least a full hour of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth to help initiate breastfeeding and bonding, and to have their healthy baby stay in their room, 24 hours a day. Five certified lactation consultants are available for one-on-one sessions, outpatient support groups, and consultations even after mom and baby have left the hospital.

There are nine Labor & Delivery rooms at NorthBay Medical Center, Katie explained, and staff strives to make the pre- and post-birthing experience as memorable and accommodating as possible for the entire family. Having a baby is not a pain-free experience, and nitrous oxide has recently been added as an option for patients coping with pain during labor. And, Katie added, “Visitors are welcome at all hours in Labor & Delivery, since babies don’t make appointments.”

Obstetrical services available through NorthBay Healthcare cover more than just the day the baby is born or postpartum care. NorthBay’s pregnancy and childbirth specialists can also offer pre-conceptual counseling, family planning and infertility screening. “Our entire team truly enjoys working together and feels honored to be part of something so special,” Katie said. “Our nurses are continually focusing on how we can be an even better place to have a baby.”

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