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Different Solutions, but Same Happy Outcome for Two Women

Marge Buckner, left, and Nancy Martin, right, are grateful to neurosurgeon Edie Zusman, M.D., for helping them regain a quality of life.

Nancy Martin of Fairfield had given up driving because the pain in her neck was so bad she couldn’t turn her head. Marge Buckner of Vacaville could barely sleep, much less get through the day without high doses of pain medication, because of a fall she’d taken nearly a decade ago.

Marge Buckner participates in water therapy class at NorthBay HealthSpring Fitness.

For Nancy, diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, the solution was therapy and exercise. For Marge, it was minimally invasive spine fusion surgery, which left her virtually pain-free.

Both women say they owe their lives—and quality of life—to neurosurgeon Edie Zusman, M.D., medical director for the NorthBay Center for Neuroscience. “People are often surprised at the level of sophistication we have here at NorthBay Healthcare,” said Dr. Zusman. “We can treat neurological conditions involving the brain, spine and nervous system with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge treatments.”

But that doesn’t mean everyone needs major surgery, she pointed out. “Every patient is different, and we cater our treatment to fit their needs.”

Every patient is different, and we cater our treatment to fit their needs.

–Edie Zusman, M.D.

Nancy was relieved she didn’t need surgery, and fully committed herself to a rigorous exercise program. “I was determined to get back to who I was,” she said. “I did the rehab, the water aerobics, and my home exercises just as prescribed and it worked!” she exclaimed. In less than three weeks, she could feel the difference. She knows that by taking control of her diet and exercise, she’s serving as a role model for her 17 grandchildren.

Marge, who was in agonizing pain before the surgery, understood her huge responsibility in her recovery. That meant building strength, even before the surgery. She participated in “pre-hab” first, and “rehab” after surgery and she’s currently in water therapy classes at NorthBay HealthSpring Fitness to keep her muscles strong. She’s eager to walk as much as she can now that she is able to.”I am committed to doing everything my doctors tell me so I can be well. I’ve worn braces, a bone stimulator, used a walker, whatever it takes; it’s worth the effort.”

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