New Emergency Services Director Shares Insights Online

When Daman Mott first started blogging for NorthBay Healthcare in 2009, it was all about the H1N1 flu. As director for infection control, it then was his job to make sure the public understood how to protect themselves and their loved ones against the dangerous virus.

Mott has accepted a new position as Director of Emergency Services and Trauma. So the focus and name of his blog changed.

Instead of “Flu Facts,” it’s now “Matters of Health,” and can be found on with updates once every week or two.

“I focus on various aspects of health that are informative and interesting to the reader. Lately the discussion is about creating a trauma program,” says Mott, whose military background often creeps into his posts. The former Air Force captain has written about the critical connection between the military and trauma care. He’s also explained Emergency Medical Services in Solano County, and trauma department drills as his team prepares for NorthBay Medical Center to become a Trauma Center.

“It’s a great opportunity to share the behind-the-scenes stuff. We have an amazing crew here, and I want to showcase their efforts, and keep trauma in the spotlight—in a positive way.”

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