NorthBay Hospice’s Commitment Says ‘We Honor Veterans’

NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement joined the “We Honor Veterans” program in 2016 and is now recognized with its highest honor as a “Level Four” partner. The program is a collaboration between NorthBay, the Department of Veteran Affairs and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

The program’s mission is to help NorthBay Hospice better serve veterans and their families, and includes rigorous training of volunteers, outreach to veteran groups and the Department of Veteran Affairs and the ongoing NorthBay Veteran Men’s Support Group.

Only another veteran who has been through war can understand what it’s like to live with traumatic memories, and only another veteran can know how this might affect another veteran, said Mike Goodwin, a U.S. Air Force veteran and NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement volunteer.

A scholarship program was created in 2017 to help veterans who can’t afford hospice care. “Mission to Serve” is funded by donations. In addition, veterans under NorthBay Hospice care are also offered an opportunity to have their service honored through a special “pinning” ceremony. More than 10 veterans have opted to receive the honor since it was begun in 2017, according to Jeannine Sawyer, Hospice manager.

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