NorthBay Physician List Tops 100

Aimee Brewer

NorthBay Healthcare has reached a major milestone, with more than 100 providers now affiliated with the NorthBay Medical Group in Vacaville and Fairfield.

In addition to a healthy selection of pediatricians, family medicine and internal medicine providers, NorthBay Medical Group also has specialists in everything from neurosurgery and orthopedics to endocrinology, urology and cardiology.

The group has more than doubled its size since 2010, and it’s only going to continue to grow, says Aimee Brewer, president of NorthBay Healthcare’s Ambulatory Division, noting that NorthBay is currently scouting a fourth location for a Center for Primary Care, to complement services offered in Green Valley, Fairfield and Vacaville.

Care ‘til 8 is currently offered at the Fairfield and Vacaville locations and has proven popular, with more than 9,000 patient visits in the service’s first 10 months.

“It has proven the patient demand for care in the evenings and on weekends and we are considering the addition of similar extended hours for other services, such as the Center for Women’s Health,” notes Aimee.

Although a nationwide physician shortage makes recruiting a challenge for any health care organization, NorthBay has some great things going for it, explains Aimee, including location, independent status, local leadership and commitment to advanced care and technology.

“We have one of the most patient-focused, dedicated groups of physicians and care providers I’ve ever worked with,” adds Aimee. “Because we are relatively small in size, we can focus on providing personalized care.Many of our physicians and staff live in Solano County so we have a personal commitment to making the community healthier.” That connection was reflected in NorthBay Medical Group’s four-star rating, the highest possible, given by patients in the latest survey conducted by the Office of the Patient Advocate, a state agency that evaluates hospitals and physicians.

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