NorthBay’s Fab New Lab

New State of the Art Labratory

NorthBay Medical Center’s clinical laboratory moved into a new $5.5 million facility in December, doubling the size of the old lab’s workspace. The 4,000-square-foot facility features a flexible, open floor plan that will make it easier to expand as the hospital grows in the future.

The clinical laboratory operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to serve hospital inpatients. It now has a new refrigeration system and ample space for scientists to analyze blood and other samples. It also will add capacity and efficiency to its blood bank and the ability to do DNA testing.

The staff has an ergonomically correct working environment, complete with height-adjustable work and countertops, plenty of natural light from high windows and a natural color scheme that fosters a pleasing work atmosphere.

Old LabratoryIn the old lab at NorthBay Medical Center, employees were crammed into a much tighter space.

“For many years our laboratory staff has been working in a very small and crowded space. Despite this, they have continuously provided high quality service to our physicians, patients, and staff,” says Bridgit Strachan, vice president of Quality and Professional/Support Services. “This dedicated team now has a state-of-the art facility in which to do their work. This new lab space will also accommodate the addition of new technologies and future growth.”

Building contractor was Hearn Construction of Vacaville, with design by BFHL Architects of San Francisco.

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