O is for Orthopedics

Specialists Have You Covered, from Cranium to Metatarsal

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who has been injured playing softball or you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, you will most likely visit an orthopedist for care. Orthopedics is the medical specialty that covers diagnosis and treatment of disorders or injuries to the skeletal system and the muscles, joints and ligaments associated with it.

At NorthBay Healthcare, a cadre of orthopedic specialists are trained to treat everything from broken fingers to broken femurs, to replace hips, knees and even shoulders, and to help patients manage their arthritis, bursitis, or any manner of injuries suffered while at play or on the job.

The NorthBay orthopedic teams are located in Vacaville, close to the Ambulatory Surgery Center and VacaValley Wellness Center, and also in Fairfield. Later this year the Fairfield team will relocate to a newly designed medical office at Hilborn Health Plaza, 2500 Hilborn Road in Fairfield. To enhance patient convenience, the offices will be located next to Rehabilitation and X-ray services. Occupational and Employee Health are also located on the same campus.

Having all the services in close proximity to surgery centers, rehabilitation facilities and post-treatment care is more convenient for patients, says Joelyn Gropp, assistant vice president of Real Estate and Facilities Development.

Patients can also meet with their rehabilitation partners during a pre-operative visit with their orthopedic surgeon so they will receive a comprehensive plan for their care.

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