Second Urgent Care Opens in Nick of Time

NorthBay Healthcare’s second Urgent Care Center was set to open in early March, with plans for a grand opening celebration. Then the COVID-19 crisis broke and those plans were shelved.

ABOVE: J. Paz Rodriguez and sons Moises and J. Paz, Jr. check in for care at NorthBay Urgent Care Center in Fairfield.
“Patients needed to be seen,” said Mary Jameson, director of Urgent Care. “We opened the doors on March 16, in the nick of time. In fact, we saw patients that first morning, just minutes after opening the doors.”

Staff and providers quickly got to work, providing care seven days a week, as a convenient alternative to the emergency room, Mary said.

Located just across the street from NorthBay Medical Center, the Fairfield urgent care team — and their colleagues at NorthBay Urgent Care in Vacaville — have been busy.

Both NorthBay facilities are operated in partnership with Carbon Health, offering immediate medical attention for non-life threatening conditions, such as strep throat, cellulitis, broken bones, shingles, hives, abrasions and bug or animal bites. For patients, the Urgent Care locations have proven to be a viable alternative to an emergency room, offering shorter waits and lower cost, and an option when a visit with their regular doctor isn’t readily available.

In addition to serving patients with less emergent needs, the center also became one of the earliest providers of COVID-19 testing in Solano County.

Rooms undergo a thorough cleaning after each patient visit.
Rooms undergo a thorough cleaning after each patient visit.
“We have been able to provide COVID-19 testing for hundreds of patients at both Urgent Care centers ever since,” Mary said. Because of a shortage of test kits, testing is limited to those with symptoms.

As an added convenience, both Urgent Care centers also offer “Virtual Visits,” whereby patients can use their smartphones to talk with an Urgent Care provider and get treated for a range of conditions.

After downloading the app, patients are connected through live video to one of the center’s providers who will review the case and recommend a course of action. Prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy.

Both Urgent Care centers are open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Vacaville location is at 1661 E. Monte Vista Avenue at the Nut Tree Plaza, and can be reached by calling (707) 624-7400. The Fairfield center is located at 1320 Travis Blvd., and can be reached at (707) 646-4000.

NorthBay Healthcare rolled its former Care ’til 8 program into its primary care providers’ schedules in May, according Damaris Valera, assistant vice president, Primary Care & Women’s Services. “The Care ’til 8 program was established more than five years ago as a stopgap when we had primary care access issues. We have added a number of primary care providers to our Medical Group since then, and opened these two Urgent Care Centers. This has increased our ability to provide patients with the right care at the right time.”

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