T is for Trauma

Every Second Counts When Lives are at Risk

In trauma care, every second counts. A severely injured patient’s best chance of survival comes when treatment occurs within the first “Golden Hour” after the injury.

Since 2012, residents and visitors to Solano County have come to rely on NorthBay Medical Center’s trauma team for high-speed treatment at a moment’s notice. The Fairfield trauma center’s central location means it can be quickly accessed from most locations.

In 2014, the trauma center was verified as a Level II center by the American College of Surgeons. The first trauma unit in the county to earn that designation, it means critically injured patients receive the highest level of care available outside a university medical center.

In addition to trauma-trained and certified staff and physicians, general surgeons and anesthesiologists are promptly available to take critically injured patients to a state-of-the-art trauma operating room. Most adult trauma cases requiring surgical, neurosurgical, cardiovascular, obstetrical and orthopedic care can be treated without delay.

Children suffering major injuries are stabilized and transferred to specialized pediatric trauma centers in Sacramento or Oakland.

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