With Lessons of the Heart, There’s Always More to Learn

Diana SullivanA great deal of training by an array of medical professionals was undertaken in the months before the first cardiac surgery was even performed at NorthBay’s Heart & Vascular Center, and the educational process has not slowed since. In fact, it has accelerated, according to Diana Sullivan, Ph.D., RDCS, director, Cardiovascular Service Line.

Employees have indicated a keen interest in building and reinforcing their cardiovascular knowledge base and skills, in an effort to provide the highest quality of care for their Heart & Vascular patients, Sullivan says.

As a result, Sullivan has coordinated a series of seminars—called Nursing Clinical Conferences and Cardiology Grand Rounds. They have been presented by several of NorthBay’s cardiovascular specialists nearly every other week since July. They cover an array of topics and attendance at these educational conferences has been excellent, Sullivan notes.

In fact, suggestions for additional topics of discussion are continually coming from Heart & Vascular Center physicians and employees. Seminars have covered such topics as “Aortic Stenosis: Little Hole, Big Disease,” “The Art of Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting” and “Post-Op Management of PCI,” to “Acute Coronary Syndrome.”

These continuing medical education seminars are open to any primary care provider, hospitalist, neurologist, intensivist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, registered nurse or allied healthcare professional who wants to better understand cardiovascular disease, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, Sullivan adds. Not all educational seminars are geared strictly toward NorthBay’s medical personnel, she adds. Several informational opportunities exist for the general public. The North Bay Chapter of Mended Hearts, for example, has held support group meetings and seminars to answer questions about such things as heart surgery, heart medications, and how to eat healthy and avoid stress.

To learn more about Mended Hearts or their support group meetings, call 646-5072.

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