Y is for Yeast Infection

Itching, Burning, But Easy to Treat

They are common, and uncomfortable. Vaginal yeast infections will plague most women at some point in their lives. Symptoms include burning, itching, and a thick, white discharge.

We normally have yeast all over our bodies, but when an imbalance occurs in the normal environment—such as wearing tight or synthetic underwear, over-using over-the-counter feminine hygiene products, being overweight, eating a diet high in sugar, or being on antibiotics or steroids—yeast can grow heavier and an infection can ensue, according to Shanna Snow, D.O., an obstetric/gynecologist at the NorthBay Center for Women’s Health.

Frequent yeast infections are also a sign of undiagnosed diabetes, she added.

Thankfully, with medical treatment, the infections are easy to treat. However, it’s important to see your doctor because the symptoms are similar to other vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Yeast infections can also occur in other places of the body, and not just in women. The most common places are the mouth (thrush) and on the feet (athlete’s foot). And, men can get a yeast infection from their sexual partners.

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