High-tech Healthcare

NorthBay Brings Advanced Medicine Close to Home

In this world of high technology, a mission statement that includes "advanced medicine" may seem like a clever catchphrase for a healthcare organization. But at NorthBay Healthcare, it's more than just a slogan, it's a way of life, and of saving lives.

With luck, you've never had to visit our diagnostic imaging departments, but thousands do each year. If you did, you'd see some pretty high-tech gadgetry that may look right out of a sci-fi film. There are Sonosites and eye glasses that test your balance, nuclear medicine detectors and more.


Robot Ready

Cue the Star Wars music and roll the robots: NorthBay Healthcare has gone high-tech. The arrival this summer of two bright, shiny Intouch Health robots lays the groundwork for NorthBay to become a primary stroke center. The robots link both NorthBay Medical Center and NorthBay VacaValley Hospital with Mercy Neurological Institute, where neurologists and staff…
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This is Only a Test…

Two members of the NorthBay Medical Center’s Rapid Response Team examined the patient in her bed, determined to find the cause of her sudden decline. Observing her vital signs on the cardiac monitor, they listened as she described her symptoms. Respiratory Therapist Darrell Waite and ICU nurse Nora Maligaya, R.N., then sprang into action. Waite…
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A Shocking Discovery

Pneumonia may have saved Paul Nolin’s life. The Fairfield resident and his wife, Ann, both fell ill in February, suffering fever, chills and a horrible, hacking cough. At 4 a.m., Feb. 26, Paul was fighting to breathe. Ann rushed him to NorthBay Medical Center’s Emergency Department, where a doctor quickly ordered a CT scan. What…
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The Beat Goes On

To look at Clarence “Ed” Logan, you’d have a hard time believing the man is 80 years old, much less that he recently went through valve replacement surgery. The spry Fairfield resident loves to spend time with his bride of 55 years, Maureen, and take walks with his spunky Jack Russell terriers, Tugg and Buddy….
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Bioengineered Skin Offers Hope

When wounds don’t heal, physicians at the NorthBay Center for Wound Care turn to the 21st century technology of bioengineered skin substitute. One living cell–based product, called Apligraf, has proven effective for healing even the most resistant skin ulcers. “Sometimes wounds are present for months or even years, affecting a patient’s quality of life,” says…
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Balancing Breakthrough

The last place you might think to look for an ear problem is in your eyes. But examining your eyes through Frenzel glasses can help determine how the inner ear is functioning. These high-tech glasses are used to diagnose inner ear conditions that cause dizziness and loss of equilibrium. Your balance is maintained by the…
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Medical Imaging: Maintaining the Inside Track

Ever since Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen accidentally discovered the x-ray in 1895, scientists have searched for new and better ways to see inside the human body. When it comes to diagnostic imaging, technology is everything. Today, our hospitals and related facilities possess a veritable smorgasbord of high-tech equipment that allows doctors to look within the anatomy…
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