A Class Act

Something for Everyone at HealthSpring Fitness

Just like the population it serves, the exercise classes at NorthBay HealthSpring Fitness reflect our community’s diversity of interests and physical abilities. Toddlers learn to swim here; adults re-learn how to bend and twist, and boost their heart rates. Slow and steady or robust and intense, there is a class for everyone, either in the exercise studio or in the water, according to Chrisi Blackman, programs and group fitness manager.

And if you haven’t lifted anything heavier than a bag of groceries recently, or walked further than the mailbox to the front door, no worries. There’s a class or a skilled trainer to help people of all fitness levels and medical conditions to gain strength and momentum and to meet their personal fitness goals.

Classes were chosen based on our community’s demographics, what has worked well in similar locations, what people are talking about, and feedback from members, she added. They are taught by trainers who were hired for experience, knowledge, degrees and specialized certifications.

There’s also science involved in their selection, she added. “The classes are designed to focus on all three Planes of Movement—sagittal (flexion and extension), frontal (side bending) and transverse (rotation) to transform the body in different ways. We want to help our members to be successful, and to see changes they are proud of,” Chrisi said.

The Strong and Steady class, for example, is for anyone—but particularly active older adults—who want to boost their balance and reduce their risk of falls. Several Yoga and Pilates classes will do the same, but with an emphasis on relaxation and de-stressing techniques and mind/body awareness, for all levels of experience.

Total Strength is a conditioning class that uses dumbbells, medicine balls and other pieces of equipment to boost muscle strength.

For those who want to dial it up even more, there are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Cycling and Cardio Kickboxing classes. Zumba, either in the studio or in the water, combines a zesty Latin beat with moves that increase heart rates while strengthening legs, glutes and abdominals.

Class offerings and times are constantly being reviewed and changes will be made on a quarterly basis or sooner, based on member feedback. Check out what’s available online at www.healthspringfitness.org.

“HealthSpring Fitness is unlike any other place you’ve ever been,” Chrisi said. “We really want to reach our members on a personal level, learn what they want in terms of their fitness goals, and offer a program that meets those goals in a safe, healthy way. We focus on four pillars: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. We strive for our classes to follow this model, creating high-quality workouts and lifestyle change.”

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