Annual Report is Just a Click Away

At NorthBay Healthcare, we are proud of the oh-so-smart, diverse, skilled and ever-growing field of physicians we offer to our community.

NorthBay Healthcare’s thorough, easy-to-access 2013 Annual Report is now online. It is the first time the summary of achievements, accomplishments and challenges of the past year has been published only in an electronic format.

This year’s report to the community, covers more services, programs and financial data than ever before. It includes not only more articles, but more photographs and the addition of videos.

The “Year in Review” section includes accounts of cost-saving measures undertaken in 2013, plus the addition of neurosurgery and further development of the NorthBay Trauma Center. A financial report is included, as are results of an employee satisfaction survey.

The tremendous amount of charity care that NorthBay provided in 2013 is detailed, an astounding $100 million-plus last year. NorthBay Healthcare Foundation is featured as well, as are a long list of community benefits.

Online readers can also connect with the 2013 Annual Report by using the convenient links on

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