Balance in a Ball

 J. Peter Zopfi, D.O. J. Peter Zopfi, D.O., never worries about developing stressed-based problems, despite his busy practice as a surgeon. In fact, he can honestly tell you that he has always been able to strike a balance throughout his life even though he is a dedicated, hard-working doctor. His secret is soccer.

The general surgeon for NorthBay Healthcare grew up loving the game. “I started playing when I was a young man growing up in Napa,” he says. “In fact, it was a vehicle for me to go to medical school.”

Dr. Zopfi’s athletic abilities, along with his academic scholarships, helped to finance his college education and subsequently led him to medical school. And he kept on playing.

“I gravitated to coaching while I was at UC Davis,” he explains. “I had done a little coaching during my high school years in Napa. I got into coaching co-ed teamss and now I work with youth on the high school level and even little kids under 10. I do a bit of everything.”

Dr. Zopfi advises everyone to find balance in life, whether by giving back to the community in some way, finding physical challenges or developing new interests. He says he sees the benefits in his patients when they strive to take his advice. “They do better with recovery, post-operative discomfort and they just seem to have a healthier lifestyle”

“I couldn’t picture a world without balance for me,” he says. “And I try to instill that in the young people I coach. I try to help kids not only focus on sports, which they love, but also to maintain their academics and community service so they can start building the basis for living lives to their full potential.”

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