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Solano Women Honored for Their Spirit, Amazing Contributions

For their outstanding contributions to their community, profession and the world, four Solano county women have been honored with regional awards from the NorthBay Center for Women’s Health Spirit of Women program. They received their honors at NorthBay Healthcare’s Day for Women Seminar April 16.

Shahane Everett, 19, of Vacaville, was honored with the “Young Person Role Model” award for her volunteer trip to Kenya and subsequent fundraising efforts on behalf of Maggy, a 5-year-old in desperate need of surgery.

After graduating from high school, she saved up her money and traveled by herself halfway round the globe to spend two weeks volunteering in a school for special needs children, and at an orphanage.

Christine Franklin, 59, of Vacaville, was named the Spirit of Women Community Hero. In 2006, Christine began the journey no woman wants to take: she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and told that only 20 percent of those who have it are still alive five years later.

From the start, she resolved to not only tackle her breast cancer head on, but to become an out-spoken advocate for breast cancer screening and the importance of mammograms. She let her battle become a public one as she shared her story with local magazines and newspapers. Her goal was to encourage other women to do what she had forgotten—to have a yearly mammogram. Despite all the hardships, Christine persevered with dignity and courage and is making every minute of her life count, raising community awareness about cancer, women’s health issues and hospice.

Two intensive care nurses from NorthBay Medical Center share the honor of Healthcare Heroes. Mary Hempen, R.N., and Maureen Allain, R.N., both of Vacaville, established NorthBay’s innovative annual Nurse Camp as a way to share their love of nursing with the next generation of potential nurses.

NorthBay Nurse Camp is a four-day event that involves 30 students from across Solano County, scores of nurses, EMS staff and more. Mary and Maureen are the glue for this wildly popular career experience.

Between the two, they have nearly 60 years of nursing experience. In addition to Nurse Camp, Mary and Maureen also work with a team of nurses to make sure Nurse Ambassador Clubs are available at local high schools, and that students who are interested can volunteer to work in the hospital, and get some hands-on experience.

The four will now vie for national Spirit of Women honors.

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