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Engaging Minds: Certified Activity Director Aids Solano’s Memory-Impaired

You know you’ve found the right career fit when you can match an avocation with your vocation.

“I love to do crafts and come up with creative new activities,” says Sandy Perez, program manager for the NorthBay Adult Day Center. Many of Sandy’s creative ideas eventually become the crafts, activities and games that help stimulate the minds, memories and motor abilities of participants who spend their days with her at the center.

In fact, Sandy has become so well-known for her creativity that she is frequently asked to speak at or conduct workshops for several organizations, including the Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators, West Coast Activity Professionals and Delta Area Activity Professionals. These groups represent activity professionals who work at day care centers for seniors, or skilled nursing homes and continuing care facilities.

Sandy has been invited to conduct workshops for these groups several times a year, at meetings held everywhere from Fresno to Ukiah. “I try to come up with things that will tickle people’s senses and help them to reminisce.” As much as the activities are fun for memory-impaired adults, Sandy notes they are just as popular with the children she works with at her church in Dixon. After all, who – no matter the age – wouldn’t want to help make some ice cream, and then be invited to eat it?

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