Good Health is a Blessing at Any Age

Whether you’re 3 or 86, good health is a valuable commodity. Just ask the patients you’ll find on the pages in this edition of Wellspring, which puts the focus on living well at any age.

For some, it’s a matter of healthy diet and exercise. For others, it means serious surgery and recovery. And still others will face a lifetime of challenges, but seem to have the ingredients for success. We hope you’ll find their stories inspiring.

If you’re facing challenges, remember that NorthBay Healthcare is here to help, no matter where you fall in the continuum of care.

If it’s an emergency, we’re there. Suffer a stroke or a major heart attack? We’ve got programs in place at hospitals in Vacaville and Fairfield.

Need to schedule a surgery or just visit a doctor? Well, look no further than the NorthBay Center for Primary Care. It has two medical offices in Vacaville and two in Fairfield, and offers nearly two dozen physicians who specialize in everything from pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between.

Whether you need help with pain, diabetes management, joint replacement or cancer treatment, NorthBay is right here in your community, ready to help, no matter how old you are.

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  1. I’fe known Victor since Dottie got him and also know her other children. What she does and who she is is a testament to the fact that love heals!

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