Heart-attack Hospital

NorthBay Medical Center has become Solano County’s preferred hospital for treating patients suffering a severe heart attack.

The county’s Emergency Medical Services Agency on Nov. 14 announced the Fairfield hospital would become its first designated STEMI Receiving Center. On Nov. 30, ambulance and first responders began transporting all heart attack patients to the Fairfield hospital for special care.

STEMI, or ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, is a severe cardiac event.

“Once again, NorthBay Healthcare has taken the lead in bringing another advanced, life-saving medical service to our citizens,” said Deborah Sugiyama, president of NorthBay Healthcare Group. “No longer will patients have to go to hospitals outside the county for care when suffering a major heart attack.”

“As is the case with trauma patients, time is critical in treating those exhibiting the symptoms of a major heart attack,” noted Kathy Richerson, vice president and chief nursing officer. “Being closer to home, we can provide treatment sooner and thereby save lives.”

“Through careful assessment of the application, coupled with the results of the on-site review, the survey team feels NorthBay Medical Center is committed to providing excellent STEMI care to the residents of Solano County,” wrote Ted Selby, Emergency Medical Services Administrator for the county. “The care of patients suffering from STEMI involves strong teamwork and dedicated staff; NorthBay Medical Center has demonstrated both.”

Selby added, “The application process and preparation required for an on-site review is rigorous and we would like to congratulate NorthBay for achieving this level of success.”

The new designation is a natural extension of the NorthBay Heart & Vascular Center, which opened in 2009. The Fairfield hospital already was an accredited Chest Pain Center. Hundreds of hours of training and new staff were added to achieve the new designation as a receiving center for heart attack patients.

The Fairfield hospital is the only civilian facility in Solano County that is a designated STEMI Receiving Center.

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