New Year, New Triumphs

A new year brings new hope we will accomplish more in the next 12 months than in the year prior. When we do, it will represent quite an achievement, because our progress last year was nothing short of valiant.

In 2012, we pursued with vigor our mission of bringing new and needed advanced medicine to Solano County, filling the gaps that often mean the difference between life and death for our family, friends and neighbors.

NorthBay Trauma Center continues to be the busiest and most productive in the county. And its quality of care was affirmed by a blue-ribbon panel from the American College of Surgeons after it conducted a rigorous review late last year. Solano County’s Emergency Medical Services agency requires all trauma centers to pass muster from the Verification Review Committee of the College of Surgeons to continue to operate. We have spent years planning for trauma and building a solid base to support it, and I think the review committee recognized that fact.

Another keynote advanced medical service, the NorthBay Cancer Center, also earned accolades last year. Following another thorough assessment, it earned a commendation for outstanding performance, and a full, three-year accreditation from the Commission on Cancer. Barely half of community hospital cancer programs come through the evaluation process with both three-year approvals and the coveted commendations.

The NorthBay Cancer Center team keeps up to date on the latest cancer research, and has the ability to create new programs based on that knowledge. When a new study came out that found low-dose CT scans can detect lung cancer at a treatable stage, our team put the research into action. The Cancer Center began a low-cost, lung cancer screening program that has already saved one life. Just last month, the American Cancer Society endorsed this form of early lung cancer screening. Once again, NorthBay was the early adapter of change.

We earned many other achievements and awards, such as being chosen a Best Place to Work by a regional business journal. All of our achievements will be published in our 2012 Annual Report this spring.

Moving into 2013, our greatest challenge is the president’s health reform package. Some of it will prove beneficial. But some of it, especially how it will be put into practice, remains undefined and unwieldy. Change is coming and NorthBay Healthcare is prepared to orchestrate it all to ensure patients benefit from the new law and regulations.

Enjoy this edition of Wellspring as we not only describe bringing more advanced medicine to our community, but also its positive impact on some people you may know.

We call it “performing with precision at the speed of life.”

Gary Passama

President and Chief Executive Officer

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