NorthBay Urgent Care: A Proven Success

NorthBay Urgent Care began as a vision intended to offer great patient access in a retail setting, and after its first full year of service, has been deemed a proven success, according to Wayne Gietz, vice president of NorthBay Healthcare’s Ambulatory Division.

Instant Visits, an Instant Hit

Instant Visits is a new service offered through NorthBay Urgent Care. It’s designed for those with straightforward symptoms, such as cold or flu.

“These electronic visits will offer patients the convenience of getting treatment without having to leave home or work,” explained Wayne Gietz, vice president, Ambulatory Division.

Instant Visits, conducted through text messaging, are available seven days a week.

In addition to cold and flu, conditions that can be treated include rashes, acid reflux, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, cold sores and conjunctivitis. Visit to sign up.

“The goal was to offer a convenient service for the healthcare consumer when they need it — which means evening hours and weekends,” said Gietz. “If we do it right, it delivers service to folks with non-life-threatening issues right away, and eliminates the need for them to spend hours waiting in a busy emergency department.”

NorthBay Urgent Care has treated more than 7,000 patients so far, greatly exceeding expectations. Of those, about 25 percent were not NorthBay patients, although some 30 percent of those became NorthBay patients after their visit.

In its first year, the center treated some 1,300 cases of cold and flu; 457 patients with sore throats; 500-plus with urinary tract infections and 300-plus seeking relief from rashes.

More than 400 patients arrived with some sort of injury, and more than 300 presented with back pain.

“These are just the type of cases we want to treat — efficiently and effectively,” said Gietz.

Open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week with modified hours on some holidays, NorthBay Urgent Care offers walk-in and same-day appointments and instant visits via texts, for straight-forward symptoms.

There is on-site X-ray, lab and pharmacy services, as well at NorthBay Urgent Care at the Nut Tree Plaza, 1679 E. Monte Vista Avenue, Suite 104, in Vacaville.

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