Pets & People, A Positive Pairing

Face it, our furry and sometimes feathered friends just make us feel better. People and pets, pets and people—it has a nice ring to it.

What’s more, there’s medical proof that pets can lower our stress, improve our appetites, and remind us of our need to exercise and socialize.

Pets are better than pills, at least that’s what some patients—and a number of our doctors—say.

In this issue, you’ll hear stories of how rescue pets helped one physician recover his sanity, and how another hopes her pet will someday be a therapy dog. There’s the patient who is training guide dogs for the blind, and another who volunteers his time and know-how with the PAWS for Healing program. A pediatrician who believes interactions with pets have helped some of her autistic patients communicate; and a pediatrician who jokes, “Take two dogs on a walk and cancel your doctor visit!” Fairfield veterinarian Kelly Palm agrees. She hopes that someday physicians prescribe pets as a cure for what ails people.

Sometimes an interaction with an animal goes the wrong way, as the Emergency Department knows all too well. Read about how our skilled physicians and medical staff assisted a young girl attacked by a stray dog. Animals can also bring infectious diseases, and our specialist will share some of the most common problems.

Yes, animals are amazing. Want to share your pet story? Find us on Facebook, search for NorthBay Healthcare.

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