Gary Passama - President and CEO

Prescriptions for Good Health

When it comes to health matters, many doctors don’t just dispense good advice—they live by it.

That’s what we found when we asked a number of NorthBay Healthcare doctors to share their healthy recipe for success—literally or figuratively.

A few actually pulled out some recipes, which you’ll find in this issue of Wellspring. Others shared tips for eating healthy and reducing stress. And a generous number invited Wellspring to come along and catch them enjoying their hobbies, from the very extreme, to the extremely relaxing.

We found doctors who teach jujutsu, who run marathons, who swim and bike and hike. We found a doctor who knits, another who loves the creative outlet of photography, and one who enjoys gardening with her children.

A healthy hobby, by our definition, is one that makes you feel better—physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually. It’s a chance to get away from the daily grind, to rest and recharge your batteries.

Our doctors have found a number of creative ways to do just that. We hope their stories might inspire you to find your own recipe for success.

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