Warm & Fuzzy, Green & Growing

From the cover of this edition of Wellspring you can see our health magazine staff decided to focus on a different kind of practitioner who helps with healing — some with four legs and some with feathers.

Particularly interesting is our own “pet rescue” hero, our trauma neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Dembner, who on his way home from work climbed a retaining wall near our Fairfield hospital to rescue a kitten in distress.

And, of course, we feature some of the cutest hospital volunteers anywhere—PAWS for Healing. This nonprofit group uses canine companionship at the bedside to comfort the lonely and help the healing process.

So don’t be surprised if after your next doctor’s visit you get a prescription that includes seeking man’s best friend to help fix what ails you.

While I’m not really a pet person, I did marry a woman with a love of furry felines and canines. So I have some exposure, but I’m no expert. I will leave that to the physicians, nurses and others who have great stories to tell about how your pet can help you heal.

There’s some big news in this edition, as well.

None is bigger than the $200 million investment we are making in our two hospitals and on our campus in Green Valley. We have a two-page spread inside on our plans to bring more advanced medicine and state-of-the-art facilities to Fairfield, Vacaville and Green Valley.

The downtown Fairfield campus project comprises major modernization and replacement of the older parts of the hospital, some of which are 30-plus-years-old. While no new services or capacity will be realized, key departments will have new, high-tech facilities. A new lobby entrance and new café for visitors and staff will be a centerpiece.

In Vacaville we will be building a state-of-the-art NorthBay Cancer Center and adding something unique to Solano County—a medical fitness center. Check out the story to learn more about that.

And finally, we are pleased to distribute NorthBay Healthcare’s 2013 Annual Report. As our part of our “green” initiative, it is all online at NorthBay.org for your perusal. It’s a look back at a pretty remarkable year for Solano’s only locally-managed, independent healthcare system. By going “green” this year and eliminating the pulp-and-ink printed version we are saving a few trees.

Good reading.

Gary Passama

President and Chief Executive Officer

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