Evolving and Advancing Medicine for Solano County

Nearly 34 years ago, a noted author thought he was way ahead of his time and published a much-discussed tome, “Can Hospitals Survive.” That was about the time the Board of Directors gave me the opportunity to lead a community-based organization that has evolved into NorthBay Healthcare.

The writer outlined all the changes occurring in health care and painted a very dismal picture of the future of hospitals in a landscape that was becoming very competitive. Of course, he was proven wrong by us and others. Some hospitals have stumbled, fallen or collapsed, but those like us embraced the notion that you can build a high-quality hospital by integrating other services in a continuum of care—from birth to primary care to specialty care to palliative care.

In short, if you understand the needs of your community, your friends and family and neighbors, you can build a strong health care system that will attract those looking to improve their quality of life. If you focus on your patients, and “do the right thing,” not necessarily the easy thing, then you will become the trusted provider.

In this issue of Wellspring, we illustrate those principles with an around-the-clock look at the services we provide. It’s an impressive array, if I say so myself. A lot of long-range planning has gone into ensuring we have compassionate care, advanced medicine, close to home.

Because we only focus on Solano County, we aren’t distracted the way the mega-systems get sidetracked. We aren’t trying to control things in faraway places or in corporate board rooms in other parts of California or beyond.

As a result, NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield is the most complete hospital in our area. If it’s a baby’s challenges at birth, a heart-attack victim’s surgery and recovery, or a patient’s victory over cancer, we are here for them. They do not travel long distances to get that type of care.

Enjoy this Wellspring. I hope you will take the time to learn about what advanced medicine is offered close to home by a not-for-profit local institution that puts you first.

Gary Passama

President and Chief Executive Officer

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