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What is the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

It is a non-ownership relationship between Mayo Clinic and NorthBay Healthcare. It is not a merger, an acquisition, a business affiliation or a contractual partnership. NorthBay physicians and providers have access to Mayo Clinic resources, including tools to promote physician-to-physician consultations and a point-of-care database of best-practice information on disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials.

Why is Mayo Clinic doing this?

Mayo Clinic Care Network helps Mayo Clinic develop stronger relationships with like-minded organizations, so more people in more places can benefit from the specialty knowledge and expertise that are hallmarks of Mayo Clinic.

Why is NorthBay Healthcare doing this?

We recognize that in order to remain the leader in advanced medicine and integrated care in Solano County, it is important to continually look at new collaborations and new ways to enhance our clinical knowledge and capabilities. This is one way to bring together great minds—NorthBay’s and Mayo Clinic’s great minds—to explore ways to improve care.

How are network members selected?

Mayo Clinic Care Network members undergo a rigorous review process to ensure their commitment to the delivery of health care through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care and treatment.

Did NorthBay Healthcare ask to be considered as a member of the network?

Yes, we recognized a likeness of cultures. NorthBay and Mayo Clinic are like-minded health care systems, both independent with a focus on the patient firmly ingrained in each. And now, through membership in this network, we have access to the knowledge and expertise of Mayo Clinic, a world leader in medical care, research and education. Before inviting us to join its network, Mayo Clinic conducted a comprehensive evaluation that included an assessment of our governance structures, our clinical and business practices, as well as a review of our quality, safety and service efforts.

Will Mayo Clinic see patients through the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

Some patients may still need to travel for specialty care not available in our communities. But by sharing medical expertise, we hope to keep more patients close to home whenever possible.

Does Mayo Clinic own the members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

Absolutely not. NorthBay Healthcare is fiercely independent, focused only on Solano County. It will remain an independent and community-based health care provider.

What will this membership cost and who pays for these services?

NorthBay pays a subscription fee for clinically based services based on fair market value and utilization, an investment in the communities we serve. Mayo Clinic’s resources serve physicians and help keep patients close to home, which we know they value. Patients get additional peace of mind at no additional cost. And we keep more care local. We keep a patient’s needs central.

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