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Just About Everything at NorthBay HealthSpring Fitness

General Manager Greg Nagaye and Fitness Director Mike Cole.

You think you’re headed to the gym, but the moment you step into NorthBay HealthSpring Fitness, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. That’s the promise of General Manager Greg Nagaye who opened the doors this July to Solano County’s first-ever medical fitness center on the campus of NorthBay VacaValley Hospital. “From outstanding, highly educated staff to the luxurious, well-appointed facilities, HealthSpring is setting a new bar for health clubs and fitness centers in California,” said Greg. “We’ve built it from the ground up with every attention to the details.”

When you first set foot in the lobby, you might think you’re in a four-star hotel with a concierge ready to greet you. Just steps away, you can check your little darlings (6 months to age 12) into the children’s area, with an outdoor playground and plenty of indoor activities planned. Or join them for swim lessons in one of three—count ’em—three pools, which will readily serve people of all ages, abilities and disabilities in ways big and small.

Want to Relax?

There’s a whirlpool with your name on it. Need to exercise? Try water workout classes or free swim in the multipurpose pool. There’s a lap pool just for laps, and a warm-water therapy pool perfect for someone with arthritis, or recovering from a hip or knee replacement.

Massage therapy rooms and locker rooms—including family changing areas—complete the first floor.

Ready for More?

The second floor offers an indoor track, with a dedicated Pilate’s room with four reformers. A multipurpose group exercise room boasts 20 TRX units mounted on the ceiling for “suspension training,” an intense workout created by the Navy SEALS. The TRX unit leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

On the third floor you’ll find a room dedicated to group cycling, as well as weight machines or equipment, and free weights. There are spacious group workout rooms and a conference room, which will feature all manner of classes—from nutrition, cooking and clearing your mental clutter to nightclub cardio and boot camp, all included in the price of membership.

“One of the many nice things about this facility is that it was designed specifically for its function,” said Greg. “It is beautiful, but we’re more than just a pretty facility. We have the substance to back it up. Our trainers all have degrees, and at least five years’ experience. They are the caliber of individuals who train trainers from other organizations. In fact, we’re already scheduling classes and expect to pull in trainers from all over the country.”

“From outstanding, highly educated staff to the luxurious, well-appointed facilities, HealthSpring is setting a new bar for health clubs and fitness centers in California. We’ve built it from the ground up with every attention to the details.”

—Greg Nagaye, general manager

HealthSpring members can sign up for a 45-minute consultation with a personal trainer and have an option to continue training for an additional fee. “The trainer will develop a program specially designed to cater to your needs and goals,” said Greg. “You’ll also have access to an application called ‘Journey,’ which will help you track your program, and can focus on everything—nutrition, sleep and even flexibility.”

It’s accessible on a smart phone or computer, and a personal trainer will update the program every few months.

Journey was developed by EXOS|MediFit, the company NorthBay Healthcare has partnered with to manage HealthSpring. “We’re experts in medical care, and they’re experts in designing and managing corporate and community health and fitness programs across the country,” said Gary Passama, president and CEO of NorthBay Healthcare. “Their team has served more than 150 clients, including elite athletes, sports teams, U.S. military, and a number of health systems like ours. We’re in good hands.”

Greg agreed, noting that it’s no coincidence that HealthSpring shares a building with a medical office, on a hospital campus. In addition to oncology, diabetes and endocrinology, pain management and integrative medicine, the VacaValley Wellness Center also hosts NorthBay Rehabilitation.

“We will partner with NorthBay’s rehab experts as much as possible,” noted Greg. “Our skilled team can help someone prepare for surgery and reclaim their strength after a surgery. Traditional rehab is typically part of a person’s recovery, but it can only take you so far. Our team can help return you to an active lifestyle after surgery.”

Membership is open to the public. Corporate rates also are available. For more information, call (707) 301-4075.

The multipurpose pool (in the foreground) is ready to host water aerobics, swimming lessons and free swim activities while the Junior Olympic-sized pool (background) is ready for laps.

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