Good Food Can Fuel Cancer Fight

Devin Robinette, clinical dietitian

If cancer is a battle, one of the most important weapons against it is good nutrition. Unfortunately, one of the first things patients may notice is a lack of appetite as their senses of taste and smell change due to their treatment.

“When you have cancer you need good nutrition to keep you strong to fight the disease,” says NorthBay Healthcare Clinical Dietitian Devin Robinette. “The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy can make eating a struggle.”

“Nutritional strategies are available to help patients cope with every stage of treatment.”

~Devin Robinette, clinical dietitian

To help patients maintain a healthy diet through treatment, Robinette offers the free bi-monthly class, “Coping Cuisine: Eating Well During Cancer Treatment.”

“Nutritional strategies are available to help patients cope with every stage of treatment,” she explains. “The best food choices can depend on your medications, your chemotherapy, and even the type and stage of your cancer.”

While no diet has been proven to prevent cancer, eating well can help you keep cancer from recurring. “Increasing the good foods you eat makes your healthy cells stronger,” she says.

“Coping Cuisine: Eating Well During Cancer Treament” is offered every other month (check the Community Calendar for details). The class is free and everyone is welcome to attend. Participants will also receive a free book, “Eating Well Through Cancer,” compliments of Genentech.

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