Here’s Some Food for Thought

Whether you count calories, look at labels, focus on fiber or dare to diet, one fact rings true: Good nutrition is no simple matter.

Sure, there are the four basic food groups. Or five. Or six, depending on which version of the food pyramid you’re using. There’s good cholesterol and bad. The siren calls of salt and sugar. Herbs and supplements.

And then try adding medications to the mix.

It’s enough to make you lose your appetite. But hey, we all have to eat, right? So what makes the best choices? And how do those choices change when you age? When you’re breastfeeding? When you’re trying to stay on a sodium-restricted diet? Or battling diabetes?

That’s why it’s a good thing we have registered dietitians and pharmacists at our disposal—to steer us toward the best choices, to nurture our bodies and keep us healthy.

You may have a lot of recipes in your repertoire and you may be a label-reading junkie, but we’re betting you’ll find some interesting food facts in this issue of Wellspring.

Dig in!

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