Good to the Bone

Experts at Home on Vacaville Campus

Make no bones about it, the bulk of NorthBay Healthcare’s ever-growing orthopaedic program is firmly rooted on the NorthBay VacaValley Hospital campus. Whether you’re looking for the highly acclaimed Joint Replacement Program (based at VacaValley Hospital) or an expert in sports medicine, spinal surgery or hand surgery, (just a few steps away in the adjacent health plaza), it’s all in Vacaville.

Dr. Daniel Birkbeck,
Dr. Andrew Brooks,
Dr. Stephen Franzino,
Dr. Charles Sonu.

And for good reason, says Jane Prather, service line development director for orthopaedics. “We want to centralize our services
in a facility where the program can grow, and best serve the patients.”

Looking for help in sports medicine? NorthBay’s team of physicians offers sophisticated surgeries that patients in the past had to go outside the county to academic centers to receive. What’s more, NorthBay’s physicians do their own surgeries, without relying on medical residents or students.

Dr. Stephen Franzino has helped athletes —both weekend warriors and professionals—get their moves back. As an orthopaedist for the San Jose Sharks and the San Jose Sabercats, he’s seen about every possible sports injury and has performed thousands of arthroscopic shoulder and knee procedures.

Sharing the office on the ground floor of the VacaValley Health Plaza is surgeon Charles Sonu, M.D., who specializes in spine surgery and serves people of all ages as well as many professional and competitive amateur athletes.

Struggling with a hand problem? The same office includes Dr. Daniel Birkbeck, who completed a fellowship in hand and musculoskeletal microsurgery reconstruction at the State University of New York in Buffalo and a fellowship in upper extremity trauma at University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland.

Also in the VacaValley Health Plaza is surgeon is Andrew Brooks, M.D., who serves as medical director for the Joint Replacement Program. He specializes in major joint replacement of hips and knees.

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