Teamwork Skills Honed in the Air Force

Michael Krier, M.D.

NorthBay Healthcare gastroenterologist Michael Krier, M.D., credits his time in the military for teaching him the importance of being a team player in health care. “It taught me to remain flexible, always. ‘Semper Gumby,’ as some put it,” he says with a smile. “There’s great camaraderie there… teaching clinicians the necessity of being a team player can make all the difference in delivering effective health care.”

Dr. Krier began his military career as a biomedical engineer working with robotics/haptics at Armstrong Laboratory Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He transitioned into the medical corps as a staff internist and gastroenterologist. He trained upcoming GI physicians at the Air Force’s only gastroenterology training program in San Antonio, Texas.

During his time in the Air Force he served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and in 2012 was chief of medicine at Craig Joint Theater Hospital.

The lieutenant colonel served 17 years in active duty and still serves in the Air Force Reserves today.

He eventually landed at Travis Air Force Base where he became medical director of gastroenterology at David Grant Medical Center. He started at NorthBay Healthcare in 2017.

Dr. Krier focused on gastroenterology because it “provides a good mix of time in the clinic, building relationships with patients and also doing procedures, affording the opportunity to intervene and fix things,” he said. He also saw a tremendous need for specialists in his field. “There are many folks who are struggling with GI complaints and it’s an honor to take part in the relief of their suffering in any way,” he said.

Gastroenterology Experts

NorthBay Gastroenterology’s team of board-certified experts employs a variety of advanced treatments, from medications to minimally invasive endoscopic procedures and complex digestive endoscopy. Patients with complex conditions benefit from education and case management provided by specialized nurses.

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