You Have Questions? NorthBay Has Answers

Each year tens of thousands of Solano County residents have the opportunity to determine their health care future. It’s called “open enrollment” and it is here. For NorthBay Healthcare it is a time when we renew our efforts to inform you about your choices and why our community-based, independent provider of advanced medicine may be your best choice. In this issue of Wellspring, you will find what I believe to be a compelling invitation to join us.

At a time when hospitals are closing, or are surrendering to corporate consolidation, NorthBay Healthcare is fighting tirelessly to buck that trend. A group of local physicians and community leaders 65 years ago declared that Solano County should have an alternative to the goliath systems that seek to gobble up innovative competitors or put them out of business.

But six decades later, we are still here.

Not content to be only a meek, ordinary community hospital, generations of NorthBay leaders pursued a path to clinical excellence without sacrificing community service and compassion for everyone who requires care, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

We are the most comprehensive advanced health care system in Solano County. That is because we not only developed the most sophisticated services, but we have recruited the most talented health care professionals who flourish in a workplace that values competence, collaboration and communication.

We are doing health care differently. That was the directive of our founders, one that we follow to this day.

This may be news to some of you. That’s why this edition of Wellspring asks the question, “Did you know?”

Yes, we do brain surgery. Yes, we will deliver your newborn in the county’s only “Baby Friendly” designated hospital. Yes, we will take care of you from birth to your final days.

Our capable health care team is not afraid to seek a second opinion when you have a complex condition. Being a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network means we can bring in experts from the world-renowned leader in research and treatment. Together, we can provide you the most knowledgeable diagnosis and treatment options.

I hope you will take the time to peruse this Wellspring and learn just how NorthBay Healthcare can make a difference in your life.

B. Konard Jones
President and Chief Executive Officer

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