All at Your Fingertips

Just steps away from the Welcome Pavillion at NorthBay Medical Center is a brand-new visual and interactive tribute to NorthBay Healthcare’s most loyal supporters: the donors who have, through the decades, shared the vision and determination to build and sustain a healthcare system that would provide top-flight healthcare for our friends, neighbors and family members here in Solano County.

Foundation Board members Heidi Y. Campini (left), and Wendy Jackson are introduced to the Donor Board’s interactive features by Ryan Pasco, major gift manager for the Foundation, during an open house event.

“We’ve had donor recognition boards in the past but they were removed during the various renovations, so this was a great opportunity for us to have them consolidated all into one place, and updated in a very high-tech and user-friendly way,” noted Brett Johnson, president of NorthBay Healthcare Foundation.

The foundation’s Donor Board uses touchscreen technology to introduce viewers to the foundation’s mission and those who have shared it. Viewers can hear donor stories, learn how and where their donations have supported the organization over the years, and see a current “Honor Roll” of supporters, ranging from those who have donated $100 to thousands and even millions of dollars.

“The donor board delightfully invites visitors to meet many generous and highly dedicated community members who are committed to the genuine goal of supporting excellent state-of-the-art health care here, locally, for us all,” observed Foundation Board Member Heidi Y. Campini. “Giving is a unique opportunity to personally participate in a world-class medical facility that touches countless lives.”

Some of the video tributes include Dream of a Lifetime recipient stories, for those who had an end-of-life wish fulfilled through this NorthBay Healthcare Foundation program that is supported by donations from the public.

“This was a great opportunity for us to have the donors all into one place, and updated in a very high-tech and user-friendly way.”

— Brett Johnson

Other stories focus on some of the Foundation’s largest donors, giving them an opportunity to say in their own words why they chose to support NorthBay and how they wanted their contributions to be used.

Viewers can also tap on pages that illustrate some of the Foundation’s largest fundraising efforts, such as the NorthBay Wine, Brew & Food Jubilee, and the Golf Classic.

The board was unveiled during an exclusive event on Sept. 9, when guests learned of Al and Patt Shaw’s $5 million donation.

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