Finding True North

If finding True North is synonymous with finding life’s purpose, then NorthBay Medical’s Center’s newly opened North Wing is aptly named.

For a hospital, it delivers on all fronts:

  • There are 22 sleekly designed patient rooms with high-tech features at every turn.
  • Eight new surgical suites with the latest and greatest tools that technology can offer will allow NorthBay physicians to do everything from open heart and brain surgery to robot-guided gallbladder removal and more.
  • Diagnostic Imaging on the first floor has brand-new fluoroscopy rooms and a nuclear medicine gamma camera, two spacious ultrasound rooms and more.
  • The Shaw Family Kitchen will provide everything from special-diet patient meals to hearty and healthy menu choices for visitors and employees alike. Indoor and outdoor dining provide a welcome place for some respite.

 These are just a few of the highlights of NorthBay Healthcare’s $200,000 million gift to the community.

“This is something we’ve worked exceptionally hard to create. It’s the future of medicine in Solano County, and our gift to the community, especially our patients who trust us with their lives,” said B. Konard Jones, president and CEO of NorthBay Healthcare.

A host of NorthBay executives were on hand for the new wing’s groundbreaking in 2016.

The North Wing is composed of three floors and totals 77,000 square feet in space. It abuts the three-story portion of NorthBay Medical Center constructed in the 1990s, and in fact, has connecting hallways.

It brings the total number of patient beds in the 59-year-old facility to 154 and the total number of surgery suites to 10, better to serve an ever-growing community.

“Our health system has been providing the latest in cardiac, vascular, neurological, orthopedic and trauma care for some time,” said NorthBay Healthcare Group President Aimee Brewer. “Now it has a state-of-the-art facility in which to deliver that advanced medicine.”

In this special issue of Wellspring, you’ll find stories about all the important components that make up the North Wing and meet some of the people who made it happen, and continue to deliver excellent medical care every day. It’s our way of sharing our commitment to Compassionate Care, Advanced Medicine, Close to Home.

Nursing staff from 2 North gather to celebrate the opening of their new unit in the North Wing.

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