Patient Rooms Have Posh Feel

They may look like they belong in a posh hotel, but patient rooms on the second floor in the North Wing are fully equipped to handle a patient’s urgent needs at a moment’s notice.

ABOVE: Former NorthBay Healthcare President and CEO Gary Passama and wife Judy (left) were among the first to take a tour of the North Wing, offered by Maureen Allain, R.N. (right) during an open house celebration.

Dubbed “2 North,” the wing features 22 patient rooms that run the perimeter of the building, all with floor-to-ceiling windows, and electronically operated shades.

Patients can decide whether they want the room completely dark, or allow a little light in through screens with just the push of a button.

All of the new single patient rooms include a private bathroom and a couch that makes into a sleeping area, so a family member can stay close and participate in the patient’s healing process.

During one of several drills held in advance of the wing’s opening, Lily Fei serves as a patient “volunteer” and spends time testing out the GetWellNetwork.

The GetWellNetwork puts technology literally into the patients hands, whether they want to surf the Internet, watch tele-vision, learn more about their health condition or read up on the staff caring for them.

Nursing stations are conveniently close and video monitor techs are available when a patient is considered a fall risk, or needs extra monitoring.

To staff the new wing, Elizabeth Scott-Paulson manager of 2 North, teamed up with Human Resources to go on a hiring spree. In the end, 50 new nurses, CNAs and techs have stepped forward to form the first 2 North team.

“It’s wonderful to be able to create a team from scratch, but we needed to function from Day 1 as a team, and that doesn’t happen overnight,” said Elizabeth. “We brought everyone together over the summer for a number of team-building events and exercises, and had already formed a cohesive bond by the time we opened for patients on Oct. 1. We’re like family now, and ready to welcome our patients into a comforting and warm environment.”

“We’re like family now, and ready to welcome our patients into a comforting and warm environment.”

— Elizabeth Scott-Paulson

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