Don’t Get Lax: Vax, Vax, Vax!

When it comes to preventive medicine, NorthBay Healthcare has three words for you: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate!

From COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots to childhood immunizations, health care experts agree it’s the best thing you can do to protect you and your loved ones from life-threatening diseases.

Unfortunately, not only did the pandemic keep people away from their doctors’ offices in 2020, but it delayed the vaccination schedule for a number of NorthBay’s tiniest patients — babies and toddlers. 

According to pediatrician Judy Yang, D.O., some parents are just starting to get back into the swing of vaccinating their children on a regular basis.

“It’s so important to bring children in for their routine physicals, especially if they are due for immunizations. Infants especially need to be seen every two to three months in the first year and a half of their lives,” she said. 

In the early days of the pandemic, with schools locked down, most children stayed home, so exposure was minimal. But with a re-opening (in flux), the risk returns of an increase in whooping cough, measles, mumps and chicken pox.

Maelynn Pierce being comforted by her father

“Don’t be complacent,” warned Dr. Yang. “If parents are behind on their children’s vaccines, we encourage them to come back as soon as possible. It could take several appointments to catch up, so don’t delay.”

In addition, when flu shots become available this fall, children six months old and older — as well as adults, should get the vaccine.

According to Rachelle Hunter, practice manager of the Fairfield Center for Primary Care, the plan is to offer free drive-through and drive-up clinics at multiple locations in Fairfield and Vacaville, to make it as convenient as possible for the patient and their family members.

NorthBay patients can schedule an appointment with a nurse during normal business hours, get it during a doctor visit, or come to one of the clinics on weekends or after hours. Watch for a schedule to be posted on soon.

In addition, it’s still possible to schedule a free COVID-19 vaccine. Patients can schedule a vaccine at their primary care facility, or during the NorthBay Coumadin Clinic at the VacaValley Wellness Center in Vacaville. Schedule an appointment by calling (707) 646-5500.

Playing catch-up with vaccines? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined that there is no need for a 14-day wait period between vaccines, when it comes to any vaccines and COVID, said Rachelle. “So call today. What’s most important is getting everyone vaccinated so we can keep flu and a host of diseases at bay.”

NorthBay encourages its patients to get vaccinated through NorthBay clinics, so it is immediately documented into the patient’s medical records. 

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