NorthBay is Back on Track

One year ago, NorthBay Health, like many hospitals around the country, found itself in dire financial straits, as the pandemic wound down and the economy went into a tailspin. But NorthBay responded swiftly and with focus. And today it’s a much different situation.

That’s because our recovery plan wasn’t just about cutbacks: It also included an investment in programs that would benefit our patients.

Some of these achievements have already been realized and some are in the works:

  • Thanks to the acquisition last summer of an Auris Health Monarch Platform, a robotic device, NorthBay can detect lung cancer at an early stage and save lives.
  • Thanks to philanthropic donations, a special diagnostic ultrasound device will help the Ear, Nose & Throat team diagnose throat cancer, and detect tumors much earlier, again saving lives.
  • A new piece of equipment will arrive soon at NorthBay Health Plaza’s SDI site. The EOSedge allows for full body scans, with some of the most advanced technology around.
  • Also this summer we are celebrating the reopening of our fitness center, with a new partner that is perfectly aligned with our goals.
  • We continue to build our team of providers in primary care to handle the ever-growing population. We not only added physicians in the past year, but we also added a primary care office in American Canyon, and plan to add one in Dixon in early 2024.
  • Despite ill-advised rumors to the contrary, NorthBay Health VacaValley Hospital continues to see patients every day, serving in multiple ways, with 24/7/365 emergency services. In hospital rooms there, our teams care for cancer patients, stroke patients and more.
  • We consolidated operations to perform all major surgeries at our flagship hospital, NorthBay Health Medical Center in Fairfield, and moved our highly successful joint replacement program there.
  • Soon we will install solar panels at our properties, to reduce our carbon footprint and our energy bills.

I share all this not to minimize the painful parts of our recovery, because we felt them deeply. We had to say goodbye to some valued colleagues that were part of our NorthBay family, and we had to carry on for the sake of our patients and our community.

NorthBay has been able to survive for 63 years and counting because the community has long supported NorthBay and NorthBay has long supported the community.

I treasure our partnerships throughout the community and reaffirm our pledge to be a respectful partner.

Even though I am planning to retire at the end of the year, I’m happy to report that NorthBay is trending in a positive direction and that we anticipate a full recovery. We will not be the same health care organization that we were four years ago. The pandemic and the economy have forever changed the health care landscape. But what will never change is our commitment to our community, our patients, our employees, and our mission, to deliver compassionate care, advanced medicine, close to home.

B. Konard Jones
President and Chief Executive Officer

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